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How can a Wisconsin resident keep divorce costs low?

Unfortunately, divorce is on the rise throughout much of the U.S., including Wisconsin. Divorce not only raises many negative emotions including anger, loneliness and despair, but it can also be tough on your finances as well. Unless it is very amicable, divorce can be a costly affair. Costs can be saved, however, by paying close attention and attempting to follow the following steps.

Shop for an attorney. Do not assume that the attorney who fetches the highest fees is necessarily the best attorney. Many lawyers provide free initial consultation; a face-to-face with the attorney can help determine whether he or she is a good fit for you.

Wisconsin divorce, legal separation and annulment

In Wisconsin, there are three ways a married couple can part ways: divorce, legal separation and annulment. While divorce ends a marriage, legal separation does not.

In the case of a divorce, the court rules on matters, including, but not limited to: spousal support, alimony, child custody and child support, if required. Once filed, a couple needs to wait four months for a divorce ruling. After a divorce is granted, a couple must wait another 180 days before they can remarry.

How can you pay child support over the phone in Wisconsin?

Divorce is an unfortunate reality in the lives of many Americans, and the citizens of Wisconsin are no exception. While divorcing couples can still look forward to a new life and better future, their children may not be as bright. They may wonder who will look after them and pay for child support. In the best interests of the child, most U.S. courts, including those in Wisconsin, order one parent to take up child custody and ask the non-custodial parent to pay child support. It is mandatory to pay child support and one can pay either through a check remittance or an income withholding mode.

In Wisconsin, child support payments can be done even by phone. This is a convenient method of payment for self-employed individuals. The individual can make a child support payment from any place by using a touch-tone phone. One must fill out an authorization form in order to use the service. In order to get the form, the person needs to call the Kids Information Line. The caller is then prompted to choose one of several options. After completing the authorization form, the person will receive a four-digit access code.

Child custody attorneys can help Wisconsin parents

The end of a marriage can raise a range of emotions in any couple, including sadness, bitterness, anger, desperation, and even helplessness. These feelings are compounded when the couple has children. In Wisconsin, as elsewhere in the United States, the issue of child custody is very often the most critical concern in a divorce.

In these tumultuous times, one would need the support of an astute attorney, who can help in all matters related to child custody. The lawyer should be able to guide you through the difficult times, be empathetic, and yet be detached from intense emotional depression that you are feeling.

Failure to protect privacy can impact divorcees in Wisconsin

Certain circumstances can lead to divorce between separating spouses. A divorce can impact spouses and children both emotionally and financially. If the souses involved in a divorce happen to be celebrities or wealthy, it can attract a lot of media attention, and thus further complicate the situation for the couple.

Residents of Racine, Wisconsin, would probably agree that resolving all the issues resulting from a divorce is in the best interest of all parties, especially children. A divorce usually involves decisions regarding alimony, property division, spousal support and child support. All these issues can have a financial impact and it can lead to bitterness between the separating spouses if not handled properly.

Child relocation laws in the state of Wisconsin

Residents of Racine, Wisconsin, may probably know that relocation of a child within Wisconsin more than 150 miles from a residence or outside the state is governed by the Wisconsin Relocation Statute. If parents fail to reach a mutually agreed upon decision, this statute gives the power to a court to decide on relocating or modifying the custody order.

It is advisable for a parent to first talk with the other parent to determine any opposition to the move before making a definite relocation decision. If this matter reaches court, child custody could be handed over to the other parent if the court believes that the decision will be in the best interests of the child.

Missing child found with non-custodial parent in Wisconsin

Family courts take various factors into consideration when deciding the parent with whom a child will live. However, the most prominent is the best interests of the child in question. If a non-custodial parent wants to spend time with his or her child, it must be as defined by the child custody order and not by taking his or her child anywhere other than those places stipulated by the agreement. A non-custodial parent's failure to follow judicial orders can have serious legal consequences.

Residents of Racine, Wisconsin, will agree that abducting a child from a custodial parent may not only violate a court-ordered child custody arrangement, but also puts the child's safety at risk, particularly if the non-custodial parent was denied custody rights because of medical or legal issues. This kind of abduction could impact the child by hampering his or her physical, mental and emotional growth.

A lawyer can help you protect financial interests in Wisconsin

Racine, Wisconsin, residents realize that a divorce has a financial side. Property division, child custody, child support, and alimony are factors that can impact a spouse financially, if not handled properly. Various financial factors can worry both spouses and lead to bitterness that could greatly impact the future and their children. It is in the best interest of both parties to discuss these contentious issues with a cool mind. Since divorce cases involve numerous legalities, the services of an attorney can greatly help secure the financial interests of a divorcing spouse.

Wisconsin residents should seek the help of an attorney who can negotiate a settlement in a marital property state. The law firm, Johnson and Trampe, S.C., takes a comprehensive approach to divorce cases to help our clients protect their financial interests. Our law firm also understands that family law issues are emotional and that our clients are transitioning to a new period in their lives.

Wisconsin uses "income withholding" for child support

Following a divorce, a child affected by the split probably suffers the most emotionally. A child completely depends on the financial support provided by his or her parents, so stopping support by one parent may further impact the child in a big way.

Residents of Racine, Wisconsin, probably know children of a divorce generally live with one parent while the other parent supports the children financially in the form of regular court-ordered payments used to meet everyday expenses, medical expenses and other financial concerns.

Property division an issue in billionaire divorce case

According to all reports, the high divorce rate continues unabated in Wisconsin and across the country. Many complex issues are at stake when a couple decides to end a marriage. Child custody, alimony or spousal support and, if the couple is a high-profile one, property division may all be areas of contention. In a high-asset divorce, it is not uncommon for spouses try to hide assets in order to avoid paying the right amount of alimony.

In a recent divorce case with an astoundingly high asset division, a former spouse of a billionaire oil tycoon alleged that she was awarded an inadequate portion of the available marital assets. The ex-wife was awarded $1 billion by a court, but she now contends that this award is grossly undervalued and much less than the portion of marital property to which she believes she is entitled.

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