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Does the availability of divorce cause more divorce?

That seems to be the suggestion of the legislative movement that seem determined to try to make the process of obtaining a divorce as difficult as possible. They seem to have concluded that couples spontaneously decide to "get a divorce" because their state has no-fault divorce laws.

Divorce is often pointed to as damaging to American families, because it is presumed to have a negative impact on children and their development. Divorce is often stressful and more so when the parents become combative and litigious, and children can be very sensitive to that conflict. The conflict, however, often long predates the divorce and percolates as the marriage deteriorates. 

Father owes more than $500,000 in back child support

In a neighboring state of Wisconsin, one father reportedly owes $559,900 in back child support.  Apparently back in 1989 he made his case to a court that he couldn't afford to pay $100 a month in child support payments.  He claimed that he was medically disabled and unemployed.  The judge then reduced the amount to $14 per month.  

In 1996, this individual sold an internet company he owned for over $2 million.  He is said not to have made a child support payment since that time though a warrant had been issued for his arrest in 1998.  He is now considered to be a fugitive from justice.

Don't fight over or like cats and dogs in a divorce

During some divorces, the couple may be described as "Fighting like cats and dogs," and one of the more frequently occurring grounds for that clash are cats and dogs. The custody of pets after a divorce has increasingly come up as an element that needs more formalized treatment in the divorce settlement and in a few cases, actually makes it all the way to a courtroom.

It's no secret that Americans love their pets; we spend billions every year on food, veterinary services, drugs, toys and even such seemingly gratuitous items as doggy and kitty spas. The money spent can serve as a proxy for the amount of emotional value we place on the companionship animals provide. Some people would literally do anything for their dog or cat.

How would you explain a tweet to a judge?

During a divorce, your life becomes very different. Activities or behavior that you may feel are innocuous or unimportant can suddenly become significant during a contentious child custody hearing or another aspect of your divorce proceeding. Stopping by a bar after a hockey game or a long day at work may take on a very different meaning in the context of a child custody hearing, where your fitness as a parent is a question.

So, too, can your social media posts suddenly become a "big deal" when you are sitting on the stand in a courtroom and your spouse's divorce attorney has your Twitter feed on a large screen, and as the judge listens, he asks you a carefully constructed series of questions that make you sound like a terrible person.

A spectacular job loss may allow a reduction in child support

During a divorce in Wisconsin, there are many financial considerations. From obvious questions of how to divide the martial property, and how Wisconsin's classification as a community property state will affect your final distribution, to how much child support will be ordered for the children.

During this process, depending on your emotional state and what papers your divorce attorney has sent for your review, you may have a difficult time attempting to decipher which element is most important. Of course, they are all important, but different.

Business owners may face unique challenges in property division

Going through the divorce process can raise a number of concerns and differences between spouses. Although there are many things to sort through during this legal process, financial issues have potential to become sticking points during negotiations. As such, divorcing couples may want to take measures to ensure that all assets included in divorce are split fairly.

Asset division for small business owners may be particularly complex. Any assets or property acquired during the course of marriage are subject to being split according to state divorce law. Keeping this in mind, questions of post-divorce business ownership may seem like they are completely up in the air.

Woman sues popular retailer for slip and fall injuries

In a community just several hours south of Racine, a woman is suing a popular home décor retail store for injuries suffered in a slip and fall accident. The victim alleges that she slipped and fell while in the retail store and suffered injuries as a result. The woman was a customer at the store at the time of the alleged slip-and-fall accident. The victim is seeking damages exceeding $50,000 in the premises liability claim against the store.

Premises liability claims refer to those made against a negligent property owner or possessor who failed to take the necessary steps to exercise due care to ensure the safety of customers or others. Victims who are injured as a result of the negligence may be able to recover compensation for damages. Premises liability claims can be brought against a retail store, shopping mall or grocery store, among others.

WI police officer hit in car accident for second time this winter

Victims of car accidents may face a series of unexpected challenges following a car crash for which the legal process is designed to help.

A sheriff's deputy in neighboring Milwaukee was recently hit in his squad car for the second time this winter. He was hurt in both crashes. Most recently, when responding to a rollover crash, his squad car was crashed into by an SUV that lost control. When the deputy's vehicle was struck, emergency lights were on and several vehicles had passed by the emergency vehicles slowly. One officer from the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office noted that the driver who crashed into the deputy's squad car was traveling too fast for the roadway conditions. A half a dozen squad cars have been hit this winter. The deputy suffered injuries in the recent crash but the injuries are not expected to be life threatening.

Woman killed in fatal pedestrian accident

A recent pedestrian accident in a neighboring state of Wisconsin left one woman dead. The driver involved was arrested following the fatal accident and charged with aggravated driving under the influence and another charge for driving with a suspended license. The investigation is ongoing and additional charges against the alleged drunk driver may be possible. State authorities are assisting with the accident reconstruction portion of the investigation. The 54-year-old victim was dead when police officers arrived at the scene of the fatal pedestrian accident.

Pedestrian accidents can have tragic consequences. Those that have suffered the unexpected loss of a loved one in a fatal accident have legal options available designed to help family members recover damages for the loss they have suffered. For example, families may be left with medical and funeral expenses following a fatal pedestrian accident.

Racine County Sherriff's officer injured in car accident

Car accident victims can suffer a variety of injuries and complications, including physical, emotional and financial difficulties. This is why the legal process seeks to protect injured victims.

An officer with the Racine County Sheriff's Office was recently taken to the hospital after being struck in a car accident. The car crash occurred while the officer was on patrol in an unmarked SUV police vehicle. At the time of the car accident, the police officer's injuries were described as minor. According to police, the 22-year-old driver of the vehicle that struck the police officer failed to yield the right of way. The Wisconsin State Patrol is investigating the accident.

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